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Helping you to protect and take care of your home

As the adage says, 'Better safe than sorry'. Having adequate building & contents insurance in place, ensures your home and belongings are protected from unfortunate and unforeseen events, such as theft, fire or natural disasters like, flooding for example. We aim to protect ourselves against all life’s occurrences that are out of our control, in line with the terms of the proposed policy of insurance.

Building insurance exists to protect you from financial loss as a result of damage or destruction to the actual fixtures and fittings in your home (for example, to pay for renovations in the case of a fire). Contents insurance exists to protect you from the loss of your belongings (for example in the case of a theft in your premises).

Buildings and contents insurance can be purchased separately or together depending on your individual requirements.

We all know that homes are more than just bricks and mortar and everyone's individual needs are different.

We can help you to purchase new cover, tailor cover to your personal requirements or see if we can reduce the cost of your current cover.

There are many factors which shape the price of cover, such as whether it will include accidental damage or home emergency cover.

One must be certain when taking out insurance correct amounts are being insured.

In the case of building insurance, for instance, it is the rebuild value and not the market value of the property that must be insured.

In all cases of buildings and contents, underinsuring could result in getting paid a lower amount than what was insured in the case of a claim. For example, if you insured your possessions for £10,000 and they have an actual value of £20,000, then the insurance company is entitled to pay only 50% of your claim.

At Windom Finance we know that you want a policy that will protect you against unforeseen events and search for the right policy that fulfils your unique demands and needs.

Let us guide you through the different options to ensure you receive the best cover which suits your budget and needs.